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 On Saturday evening we hosted a ”Paella Party” for some friends at our terrace. A wonderful summer evening with absolutely delicious homemade food, great conversations and lovely friends. PERFECT PAELLA60ml olive oil500ml good-quality fish stock50g sustainable monkfish1 onion1 tsp smoked paprika200g chopped tomatoes50ml dry white winePinch of saffron soaked in 1…
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Crème D’asperges

Crème D’asperges Ingredients*500g green or white asparagus *1 large onion, chopped*2 chicken stock cubes*2tbsp olive oil *fresh lemon juice of 1/2 lemon *1/2 l water*salt and pepper*Cremfine or fat-reduced Crème fraîche Skin the asparagus stalks (white asparagus), you don’t need to skin the green asparagus stalks – only chop of the lower…
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I thought it’s time to do a food post, actually a post about healthy breakfast.  Many people don’t have a breakfast at all, but as studies have shown breakfast should be the most important meal of the day. People give a variety for reasons for not eating breakfast, common reasons…
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Perfect Sunday Lunch

SPINACH-SALMON STRUDELOn Sunday I decided to cook something with short preparation time, healthy and really delicious. Well, actually the flaky pastry isn’t very healthy and low in calories, but I used spelt-flaky pastry to make it look healthier. This Strudel is made very quick without long preparation time and tastes…
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