Today I’ve prepared a super easy & quick lunch or dinner recipe with P.JENTSCHURA’s ”TischleinDeckDich” for you guys!

As all products from JENTSCHURA, this one is also gluten free and made to alkalize & regenerate your body.

TischleinDeckDich is made of quinoa, millet & different carefully selected vegetables and herbs.

You’ve probably tasted quinoa before and might also know how to pronounce it ;) Just in case you don’t – ”keen-wah” :) It’s super easy to prepare, just cooks up in a few minutes, has a lovely nutty taste & is super healthy.

Quinoa is famous amon sporty & fit people for its protein content and while it does have a decent amount, it’s not actually not only the amount of protein that’s so impressive. It more is  the type of protein. Quinoa has the perfect balance of all nine amino acids essential for human nutrition. This type of complete protein is rarely found in plant foods, though common in meats. Quinoa also offers a good dose of fiber and iron. There are 111 calories in each 1/2 cup of cooked quinoa. I’d say Quinoa is the perfect alternative to meat & some meat free days are a great idea every now or than, for sure!

Millet also offer some really great health benefits. Some of the best health benefits of millet include its ability to protect your heart health, protect yourself from diabetes, improve your digestive system, lower your risk of cancer, detoxify the body, boost respiratory health, optimize your immune system, increase your energy levels, and improve your muscle and nerve health.

Well, now let’s prepare a super easy & yummy meal!


15 EL ”TischleinDeckDich”

500ml water or vegetable broth

200g sliced asparagus

1 red pepper

1 large avocado


juice of 1 lemon and a few slices for the decoration

salt & pepper

a little bit of high quality olive oil

1 package of Feta (I used a light one)

Mix the P.JENTSCHURA TischleinDeckDich with the water, add the asparagus and slightly let it cook for about 5 -10 minutes and stir occasionally. Add the sliced peppers & sliced avocado & 1/2 of the feta.Slightly stir the mixture and take off the heat when the Feta starts to melt. Let it rest for a few minutes. Garnish with the arugula & the rest of the Feta. Garnish with a little bit of fresh lemon juice & lemon slices.


*** in friendly collaboration with P.JENTSCHURA 


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