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As promised in my last post about Piran & Portorož, I’ll introduce you to the one of a kind LifeClass Spa today.

In the Center of Portorož, you can’t only find the wonderful LifeClass Hotels, but also one of  the most comprehensive thermal, health and wellness centers  in Europe, the LifeClass Terme & Wellness. The aim of the LifeClass Hotels & Spa in Portorož, is to help you live better and longer. The several centuries old tradition of alternative medicine in Portorož has always been based on a holistic approach to treating an individual. The combination of the Mediterranean, five local natural medicinal factors, protective Mediterranean diet, holistic medical wellness and the latest medical know-how is a unique recipe for optimising your lifestyle and in this way maintaining your health and vitality into old age. At this special Mediterranean Anti-Ageing Clinic they focus on: • slowing down of the ageing process • establishing a healthier life and a better quality of life • the treatment of ageing-related diseases This spa truly is one of the most impress thermal spas I’ve ever been to. Warm colours of Istrian nature give a relaxing feeling of warmth in combination with stylish ambience surrounding the swimming pool filled with “the source of primeval energy” – the 42,000-year-old Prehistoric Sea,
Dive into this elixir of life, be filled with energy, and get connected with the spirit of ancestors.  The Prehistoric Sea is thermal-mineral water whose chemical composition makes it unique in this part of Europe. The water has amazingly beneficial effects on health and well-being. The swimming-pool complex covers an area of 2,000 m2, of which 700 m2 are water areas. There are water cannons, underwater massage sun beds, underwater massage benches as well as hot springs at your disposal, everything a perfect spa experience needs. Swimming in the thermal-mineral water swimming pool has a beneficial effect on the skin, respiratory organs, locomotor system, and general well-being of everyone.
Forget about time, worries and stress … Relax with the help of Mediterranean aromas, pleasant heat, detoxifying Piran salt, aerosols of the sea and the Ice Cave.ere you can forget about your stressful life and just relax. Due to its exceptionally rich and diverse offer, the Sauna Park is an absolutely unique sauna complex in Europe. In an area of 1,000 m² it offers as many as seven different types of saunas. The two main attractions of the Sauna Park are the Salt Steam Sauna, which uses salt from the Piran Salt Pans, and the Ice Cave – the first of its kind in Slovenia.
I also got the chance to experience two typical treatments at the unique Thalasso Centre, Fango and salt water bath.“Thalassa” is a Greek word for sea. This medicinal practice uses sea treasures for preventive and curative purposes both in rehabilitation as well as in cosmetic and wellness fields. Already in the 13th century, local medicinal elements of the Piran Salt Pans (salt pan mud, brine and salt) were used in alternative medicine by monks of the Benedictine monastery in Portorož. These very products of the premium quality, harvested by callous and tanned hands of Piran’s salt panners in the Piran Salt Pans for over 2,000 years according to a traditional process, constitute a basic ingredient of the therapies, which – combined with the most advanced medical know-how of our professionals – guarantee the best results for your well-being and beauty. The Terme & Wellness LifeClass are absolutely unique on account of the use of five local natural medicinal factors:
  • Salt pan mud (fango)
  • Brine (Aqua Madre)
  • Mediterranean climate
  • Sea water
  • Thermal Prehistoric Sea (thermal-mineral water)

All of these elements are extensively used at our Mediterranean Anti-Ageing Clinic.

The LifeClass Spa also offers two absolutely unique wellness centers, the Wai Thai Centre & the Shakti- Ayurveda Centre.

The Wai Thai Centre is a unique centre for traditional Thai massage and natural facial and body care. At the Wai Thai Centre clients reach the state of the deepest relaxation when the body and soul become one, and everything blends into a unity of peace and harmony.

The Wai Thai Centre is an absolutely unique centre for traditional Thai massage and natural facial and body care. In the Thai ambience, you can choose from the following relaxation and well-being programmes:  traditional Thai and other massages, natural facial and body care programmes, and programmes for couples. Original Thai tradition incorporates all the latest medical methods bringing powerful de-stressing benefits to the mind and body. At the Wai Thai Centre massages are exclusively performed by professional Thai therapists, and other services by professional beauticians. They all do their best to provide their clients with utter relaxation, well-being and a one of a kind thai wellness experience. The Shakti Ayurveda Centre offers another one of a kind wellness experince.
Ayurveda is a ”knowledge of life” that approaches life as a harmonic combination of the body, senses, spirit and the intellect. It is an ancient Hindu method of medical treatment. Nowadays Ayurveda is an integral part of the Indian national medical network, a subject of scientific research, and a field of study at many higher education institutions and universities around the world. It is a holistic approach looking for the balance of the three basic life principles called doshas: Kapha, Vata and Pitta in every individual. Their balance means health and a full life. The the Shakti – Ayurveda Centre offers a variety of Ayurvedic treatments that are based on traditional knowledge. All treatments are performed with the approach and quality standards appropriate for European guests Authenticity and highest quality of the performance of therapies is guaranteed by the doctor of Ayurvedic medicine Ms Kavitha Gopalan Shyamala.

Those two unique spa areas are truly the highlight of the LifeClass Terme & Wellness Centre. So, if you are looking for a unique wellness experience, the LifeClass Terme & Wellness Centre is  the place. It truly offers a unique wellness experience, which will be remembered for long.

For more information about all the treatments and details about the different areas of the spa and all the offers, please check out the homepage of the the LifeClass Terme&Spa Centre.
***in friendly collaboration with the Destination Piran&Portorose & the LifeClass Terme&Wellness Centre

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