Today it’s time for a beauty post…

.Haven’t we all faced some problems with finding the perfect make up color for our skin tone before?

Thanks to DOUGLAS and their new app with the function ”COLOR EXPERT” it’s super easy to find the perfect make up color. It’s just as easy as A,B,C , you only need the Douglas Color Card (you get it in every Douglas store), your smartphone and the app – that’s it.

The app is really easy to use, only the ”Selfie Modus” can be a little bit tricky and be careful  with the lightening as it easily can manipulate the result. With the help of a friend you’ll be able to find your perfect make up color within a few minutes. The app determines your individual COLOR CODE and with the help of that shows you several different products which perfectly match your skin tone. In my case, the app really did a great job and the selection of products also included my current foundation from CLINIQUE (STAY MATT OIL FREE FOUNDATION beige 15). I’m absolutely happy with this foundation, as it’s perfect for my oily skin and helps my skin to stay mat through out the day.

If you ever had problems with finding the perfect make up color for your skin tone, I would highly recommend you to try the DOUGLAS COLOR EXPERT – it has never been so easy to find the perfect make up color before!

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*** in collaboration with DOUGLAS


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