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As you guys might have already found out on Instagram, I’ve been tea-toxing!
So, first of all, what is tea-toxing ? It seems like everyone is talking about tea-tox and is doing some kind of tea-toxing at the moment, but why? Well, tea-tox is basically just a new way to detox by using tea, of course in combination with a healthy balanced diet and exercise. The ingredients of tea-tox teas help to encourage your metabolism and flushes out toxins of your body. There’s evidence that drinking flavonoid-rich tea protects your heart, skin, brain, and bones and helps you to manage stress and maintain weight. Of course a tea-tox is not going to work wonders and will make you lose weight just by drinking a cup of tea twice a day, but in combination with a balanced diet and physical training, it can help you to lose weight more easily. 
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I’ve wanted to try some kind of tea-tox for quite some time (inspired by my Instagram feed, where nearly everyone is tea-toxing), but as I couldn’t find any tea with listed ingredients I hesitated and decided to drink my metabolism stimulating tea from the pharmacy. Then a few weeks ago, TEATOX asked me if I would like to try their Skinny Detox cure ……

TEATOX is a young Tea brand which specializes on organic high quality teas with special stimulating effects. Founded by two friends, who traveled the world and have learned a lot about tea culture and tea ceremonies in Asia and South America, in Berlin in 2013. With their brand they want to focus on BODY, MIND & SOUL and create special teas for all these three essential areas, with fantastic taste and health benefiting effects. 

The Skinny Detox cure consists of two different teas, a good morning and a good night tea. This perfect duo cleanses your body, boosts fat-burning and strengthens vitality. Of course TEATOX lists all the ingredients of their teas online, so you can easily control what’s in your tea and also find out more about the health benefits of the special ingredients. 

Now some of you guys might think, why is she tea-toxing !?!? She does’t need to loose weight! Due to some comments on Instagram, I know that some of you might think like that….
First of all, you shouldn’t start a tea-tox or any other kind of detox with the goal to loose weight, as mentioned above, there are many more reasons to detox your body. The weight loss might be a nice side effect, but shouldn’t be the decisive factor to start a tea-tox cure. 

For me personally, it was about flushing out the toxins, balance my acid-base status and my skin. I’ve suffered from facial acne many years now, also mainly due to my coeliac condition and lactose intolerance. I’m absolutely willing to try everything and anything to stop this skin condition. 

Let’s talk about my TEATOX experience….

* First of all, the TEATOX Skinny Detox 14 days cure costs 24,90 € (plus shipping) and consists of the Good Morning and Good Night Tea.

* At the moment they only offer shipping within Germany for all the purchases placed in their online shop. You can also find them on amazon, where they offer worldwide shipping :) 

* The tea tastes really good. The morning tea tastes super fresh and a little bit fruity with ingredients like lemongrass and goji berry. The two flavors that dominate the evening tea (in my opinion) are rooibos and perpermint, as I absolutely love both flavors, I really like the tea.

* TEATOX also offers an online eating plan – SKINNY & YOU, which you can download here.

* Alcohol, coffee, soft drinks, fat meat, salt, sugar, dairy products, and white flour should NOT be part of your diet during your 14 day detox. 

* I just sticked to my regular clean diet, but cut out the coffee, meat and dairy products. As I actually don’t really like alcohol and only have some on very special occasions, it wasn’t hard for me to cut that out:) 

* I’ve also experienced a little weight loss (1-1.5kg), which could also be due to less appetite (because of hot summer temperatures) or the normal weight variation.

* As some of the ingredients of the teas have a laxative effect, you might have a sudden urge to use a toilet.

* I have exercised as usual, which means 5-6 times per week. 

* My skin condition definitely has improved and looks more even and a little bit more 
‘glowy’ now. I can notice that less spots have broken out in those two weeks and this still lasts.

I’m absolutely happy with the results of my 14 days Skinny Detox cure and can highly recommend the products of TEATOX! The TETOX Team also runs a magazine on their website (only in german at the moment), where you can find really interesting articles about a healthy lifestyle, with great recipes, exercise and relaxation tips. Check it out and be inspired! 

Aaaaaand now, the giveaway ………

TEATOX is kindly giving one of my Instagram followers the chance to win a 14 day Skinny Detox cure set.  Check out my Instagram for all details! GOOD LUCK! 


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