(pic credits of the three pictures above – Jürgen Hammerschmid)
Tomaso Trussardi
The divine and wonderful Coco Rocha 
 The lovely Michelle Hunziker&Tomaso Trussardi (pic credit – Jürgen Hammerschmid)
Fashion Show Tim Labenda (pic credit – Jürgen Hammerschmid)
Palmers Fashion Show
On the 24th of April the 6th annual Vienna Awards for Fashion & Lifestyle  with many special guests, such as COCO ROCHA, TOMASO TRUSSARDI, MICHELLE HUNZIKER AND VALERIA CAMPBELL took place.
An event which is honoring the best designers, the best newcomers, stylists, make-up artists, photographers, models and journalists.
I was totally honored to be invited to this glamorous event and a little bit nervous that night, due to the fact that a friend of mine and my favorite Austrian designer, Katrin Kafka, was among the three nominees for the STEFFL BEST NEWCOMER AWARD.
We were lucky enough that our ”Blogger Table” was directly in front of the stage and that Coco Rocha was just sitting at the table next to us, more precisely she was sitting back to back with me ;)
Coco Rocha also received the Style Icon of the Year award and held one of the loveliest thank-you -speeches ever.
To sum it up – a perfect gala night spent with other lovely bloggers ( Edisa, Maria, Anna H., Sophie, Kathi, Vicky, Anna & Hristina ) & celebrities.

And here are some iPhone snapshots from Edisa, the blogger behind DISICOUTURE,and me on our way to the event.

I was wearing :
 dress by KATRIN KAFKA  (of course) ;) 

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