I’m still searching for the perfect black bag, so I thought it was time to share my favorites with you.

I’m still not sure on which one I’ll splurge on pretty soon, but the Saint Laurent Paris Monogram is my absolute favorite at the moment. Actually all of these bags here are so perfect! Which one is your favorite?

  1  C H L O É   F A Y E  M I N I    This is super cute crossbody bag. I truly love the simple design, definitely perfect to combine with everything. 2  M A N S U R  G A V R I E L  L A D Y  T O T E  B A G   How beautiful and simple is this bag!? For me this is the perfect everyday bag. Simplicity is the key. 3  G U C C I  Q U I L T E D  C R O S S B O D Y   B A G    One of the most hyped bags on Social Media, I guess, but still so beautiful. 4  S A I N T   L A U R E N T  P A R I S  M O N O G R A M   B A G   That’s my favorite black bag at the moment, but actually is just perfect in any color available. I’ll splurge on this one pretty sonn;) 5  S A I N T   L A U R E N T  P A R I S   M O N O G R A M  B L O G G E R  B A G   This one is a great alternative to the GUCCI SOHO BAG, I think. A little bit more of a statement piece, but cute and small. 6  G U C C I   P A D L O C K  B A G   Another timeless little bag. I really love the gold hardware.

*** picture collage 1 & 3 via Pinterest


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