Today it’s all about the right winter running equipment.

For me it’s important to stay warm during my run, especially in the upper body. As you can see, the running tights are a little bit to short, but as I’ve just been hitting the gym after taking these pictures I didn’t opt for longer socks. Normally I’m wearing long compression socks over my running tights, as nearly all of my tights are to short because of my long legs.

Here I’m wearing the Zoot Spin Drift Softshell Tight, one of my warmest tights. This tight provides wind and waterproof protection in a three layer construction comprised of a quiet knitted outer fabric with a polyurethane membrane, which allows moisture management and maximum breathability. The dual action performance of the different fabrics, provides cold and wet weather protection during highly aerobic sports. It really keeps you warm in all kind of bad and cold weather conditions. The waistband is super soft and comfortable. image1-49

For exceptional weather protection and breathability without the bulk, the Wind Swell+ Jacket is the perfect choice. Constructed of a lightweight woven polyester shell and water repellency, this jacket is the perfect companion for cold weather training. Two pockets allow you to store nutrition, phone and keys. The color gradient of this jacket is exceptional and beyond beautiful, from light blue to nearly black.

During really cold weather conditions, I opt for a long sleeve top and a thicker long sleeve zipper underneath. Isn’t the long sleeve zipper beautiful. I’m so in love with the pink color and the orange details. Sometimes I also wear it at the gym for short weight training sessions. Super comfy and stylish.

You might have noticed, that the Zoot Solana running shoe is one of my favorites and you also had the chance to win a pair a few weeks ago. I’m totally in love with the neutral, responsive ride underfoot & the fit: A seamless internal layer topped with breathable mesh and surrounded by a supportive band, that provides a secure feel and freedom (which means no more black toes;)) for toes. It’s lightweight and flexible, and wearing it feels like you’re running barefoot, yet there’s still a comfortable level of support and protection. It’s an ideal race shoe for midle-lenngth events & long distance training runs. I also wear it in winter and  (of course with thick sock underneath – find the perfect socks here) have never experienced cold toes. The outside mesh layer is also waterproof. Well, and the pink color – says it all;)

Did you guys notice my new backpack? It’s the ultimate bag for triathletes & my new constant companion for all my swim & gym session. But I’m going to talk about this one of a kind tri bag in another post. image4-37

***in friendly collaboration with ZOOT


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