Last week I made some mouthwatering macarons in springish pastel colors! It’s actually a fact, that they are not healthy and might just stick to our hips, the moment we bite into them, but sometimes an unhealthy indulgence benefits your soul!;)
I try to stick to my healthy, “clean eating” diet 80-90% and sometimes such an “unhealthy” treat, is just perfect, so when my body craves for something like that, I just give it to him ;) If you stick to a healthy diet, and workout on a regular basis, an unhealthy treat won’t ruin your shape, it can help you to prevent bingeing, benefits your soul and also gives your metabolism a “little kick” to work harder;) ( but keep in mind, these sweet little macarons are also very nutritious! An average sized macaron gives you almost 97 calories, and that’s for the size of 2.5cm diameter per piece ;) )
Macarons – the perfect Sunday indulgence;) 

You can find the recipe here:


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