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  It’s Fashion Week season again and Berlin Fashion Week is just over, but New York Fashion Week is going to be in full swing in just 10 days from now. When I created this look, I was thinking about New York Fashion Week and what to wear….hopefully I’ll be…
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As you might have noticed in my Instagram Feed, I’ve quite a thing for red accessories lately. Normally I’m not a person who loves a lot of prints but when I saw this leo coat in my “mother-in-law’s” closet, I just had to borrow it. I immediately thought about combining…
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Winter also finally arrived in Carinthia. We have been waiting for quite some time this year. Nearly all parts of Austria git covered in snow in the past few weeks, accept Carinthia. Last but not least, the weather god decided to cover Carinthia in snow last Friday. Since then it’s so…
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