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Casual Day

I’m back in Vienna now as University has started again and holidays are over.Well, actually holidays aren’t really over for me now as I’m  going to leave for NYC next Wednesday. Yesterday after University my sister and I had a coffe in the city and just couldn’t resisit to do…
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Holiday memories

Next Wednesday I’m going to leave for “the city that never sleeps” – New York. I’m so excited as I haven’t been there before and at the moment I’m busily planning our trip. All that makes me think and daydream about one of my last trips, a cruise last fall.…
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Colourful Sunday

My weekend was perfect and very relaxing. On Saturday I went shopping with my mum and my sister and on Sunday I had a delicious brunch with my boyfriend. Of course I included my nearly daily sports programme into my weekend to make it a really perfect one. On Sunday I…
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Neon pink sweater

Neon colours are in vogue at the moment and I’m in love with them. I haven’t shown you these photos yet. Actually they were taken a few weeks ago, but I didn’t want to withhold them from you.   CLICK TO SEE MORE….. ZARA PINK SWEATER ZARA BLACK PANTS CUSTOMIZED…
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Black Lace Dress

On sunday afternoon I took some pictures of my beloved lace dress that I wanted to show you since I started the blog a few weeks ago. I actually wanted to do this some posts ago when I wore this dress at a soiree, but the photos that were snapped…
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