A question of one of my followers (a young, beautiful girl) made me think a lot about me, myself and life as a woman in general.

The question was „I admire you for being happy and confident. Do you have any advice to live a confident life with self love ?!”

Ufff this made me think a lot.

First of all, not all that you see on social media is our whole life. We mostly tend to post and talk about the good parts in our lives.

To be honest, I try to be happy. I’m really grateful for my life, my family, my relationship, the opportunity that I got to make my hobby work and of course that my family & I are healthy.

Let’s be honest, no one is always happy. Am I wrong?! That’s life and we got to deal what life offers us.

We always have to accept the reality of life. – life is messy and the sooner you accept that reality the better!

If you are dreaming of life that always gives you cherries and leaves out the lemons…

Hugh! You might be pretty lucky or just way too romantic and setting yourself up for quite a lot of disappointments, for sure…

Feeling confident in your body and life situations definitely is more of a struggle for women….  Well, some might have been gifted with „self confidence” at birth and to be honest, I admire these women!

For us other women it’s a constant process about learning and implementing the learned lessons in our daily life and situations.

If never been the most self confident woman. That’s a fact. I’ve been struggling a lot with me myself, my body and life in general. I think that’s what most of us women did, or still do.

I think that it’s no sign of weakness to talk about that. I would love to help you and other young girls and women.

We can constantly learn and work on ourselves. Read books, oh and there are a ton of those books out on the market right now, or encourage each other and no longer get each other down.

If thought about some things that I try to incorporate in my life…

Embrace the people and places that make you smile and go back for more!

We make mistakes! We are humans! When something goes wrong, learn from it!

Learn to move on. 

Dwelling on the imperfections of life, your mistakes, bad choices, etc. will not help the situation. Get up and move on! Asap if possible:)

Sounds hard, but is so true!

Whatever you do, just move forward and away from negative thoughts and people that can hold you back.

Dress and act like your happy and you will be.

Not the easiest part, as we often stand in front of the mirror and find body parts that we hate & go nuts.

True fact! There might be good days, when we totally like them and days when we absolutely hate what we see.

That’s ok. We just need to try to work on ourselves to make us feel better on those bad days.

Sometimes a few minor adjustments will help a lot. Make time for „Me Time”. Book yourself a yoga class, find yourself a sport that you love and make it a routine and incorporate it into your life and your totally going to love it as soon as you make it a routine.

Don’t let someone get away with treating you in a such a way that you yourself would never treat someone else.  Be assertive!

Learn to protect yourself and get away from situations snd people that try to pull you down.

Develop your skills and talents.  Think about what you love to do! When I first started my blog 6!! years ago, many people thought that I’m crazy and still do. I can tel you they talked a lot behind my back especially in “Klagifornia”, because that’s what people always tend to do in this town. And let me tell you something, I’m so sick of this fact! Anyway, all that made me stronger and even enhanced me to believe in my dreams even more.

Another part of my life that made me physically and mentally. I love this sport and it definitely also helped to enhanced my self-confidence in the past years.

So if you  have a passion for doing things in life that makes you who you are and happy. Try to develop those passions and whenever you can, share them with others.

Love yourself. That’s the hardest part, sometimes.  It sounds so simple. Yet for some, also definitely for me,  knowing how to love yourself  can be a really difficult part. But and think about that, how can you appreciate the love of others if you don’t allow yourself to do so? Start with accepting yourself the way you are and how mother nature created you. Learn to appreciate the little things in life and be thankful for each day you are healthy and loved. Sounds a little spiritual, but let’s be honest, all that counts in life is health and family no matter if you think that your hips are too wide, your belly too big or your bum too small.

Having confidence in yourself  takes some effort, ok not only some, it takes a lot, but well worth it. Following some of the steps mentioned above can be part of your path to happiness.

Thank you to the girl who inspired me to write about this topic!

xoxo, Q.F


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