image1-15Those of you who follow me on Instagram might have noticed in the past few weeks, that I’m not only running anymore. After  the Vienna City Marathon I went on with my training as before and more or less sticked to my marathon training schedule as my normal one didn’t seem to be ”satisfying” anymore. As the mister is doing triathlon and currently training for Ironman 70.3 in Zell am See and Ironman Austria, I more and more often started to join his training sessions. I’m actually doing my normal workout routine as before, but mixed up all the running with biking and swimming in the last few weeks. Well, swimming doesn’t really require much of a special equipment beside a good looking swimsuit & googles, whereas cycling does require quite a lot of equipment. Most importantly a bike…    image1-2As you can guess, the look of my new trainings buddy was most important, so my bike needed to be stylish, aerodynamic, girly and great to ride;)

After searching the internet for a while, I fell in love with the Merida Reacto 500 ltd, it has got everything I was looking for and would also be perfect for a triathlon with aero bars, but I think I’ll switch to a TT bike if I’ll really do triathlon.

Merida Reacto 5000 LTD is a professional level carbon road bike in the limited edition Rui Costa World Champion. Reacto 5000 LTD balances aerodynamics, acceleration, handling and comfort. The Reacto is designed to be as aerodynamic as possible, while it retains the versatility and comfort of a road bike. The perfect happy medium between a road bike and a TT bike. (for more detailed information and facts chlick here)

I can tell you guys, biking is so much fun with the Merida Reacto 5000 ltd, the bike really is an eye-turner and you can take envious glances during every ride for granted.image7-4image1 image6-13 image5-10image4-20

    ***in friendly collaboration with Merida Bikes & Sail+Surf



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    you have wonderful pictures! :) I like your website

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