Summer has finally arrived, which means we are getting to wear dresses, skirts, and shorts (pretty much exciting!), but with all that  comes the often-dreaded task of a regular shaving routine. Many of you guys always ask me about my beauty routine for my legs. In one of my last articles I’ve already talked about my anti cellulite tips. Now it’s time to talk about the perfect razor which will help you to avoid little cuts, rash-like irritation, and annoying red bumps. I’ve teamed up with Gillette Venus to help you get the silky smooth legs of your dreams. I’ve got the chance to try different Gillette Venus razors & I’ll tell you which is my favorite later.


The Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive razor is the perfect razor for sensitive skin. 5 blades are spaced closely together for a closer shave with reduced pressure. The razor has got a protective ribbon of moisture with a touch of aloe for a smooth glide. You’ll get a close shave with less feel of irritation even on sensitive skin. The Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive is very easy to use, super handy and also perfect for some tricky and not that easy to reach areas in the bikini zone.


The Gillette Venus & Olaz Razor has got  5 blades with Olaz moisture bars to help fill up your skin’s moisture for a silky smooth shave. Just wet the razor to activate a light creamy foam, then there is no need for the use of shaving cream. The Gillette Venus Razor is an ideal shaving razor for a perfect shave. The package includes one Gillette Olaz razor handle, one cartridge with Olaz moisturizing power and one shower hook for easy and convenient storage. A perfect razor for a super smooth shaving result. Your legs feel heavenly smooth and perfectly trimmed. An extraordinary shaving experience.


With the Venus Embrace Snap mini razor you’ll experience instant smoothness on-the-go. With five curve-hugging blades and a portable compact case, you’ll be ready for anything, anytime, anywhere. This little razor not only has 5 blades that save you the trouble of going over the same spot multiple times, but it also has a moisturizing strip surrounding the blades. You also won’t need any shaving cream here. I actually used it with shaving cream for an even smoother result. As it comes super handy with a little case you can take this little companion everywhere. The perfect razor to take with you to the gym and your next mini vacation.

I’m absolutely in love wit the Gillette Venus & Olaz and the super smooth & heavenly vanilla scented results. The Venus Embrace Snap is my favorite for mini vacations & already accompanied me on my little beach getaway last weekend. Perfectly smooth legs within seconds and the razor doesn’t need a lot of space in a beauty case.

*** in friendly collaboration with  GILLETTE VENUS


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