11282004_1451600401820494_433969250_nI’m a real coffee addict and one of those people who can drink an espresso directly before going to bed and falling a sleep only a few seconds later.

Coffee definitely is one of those things I can hardly live without. A coffee after a great meal sometimes tastes better as a real dessert for me. Well, I think coffee as such can definitely satisfy just us much as desserts can do.

Of course every coffee afficionado needs to own a great coffee machine. So do I, the Nespresso Citiz & Milk by De’Longhi in glossy creme white, I can tell you it’s the goddess of coffee machines. It brews perfect Espressi, Cappuccini, Latte Machiati and every other creation you can think of. My favorite coffees at the moment are the Vanilio & the Caramelito. They just always taste like dessert – yummyyyyy!

  The Nespresso Aeroccino, which is directly attached to the coffee machine, makes the most perfect milk froth you can think of. I can tell you, most of the traditional Cafés here in Vienna, which are really famous for it’s coffee culture, won’t serve you such a perfect milk froth. I always use low-fat milk, with that kind of milk the froth turns out perfectly and you can literally cut it.

I’ve also already tried to make milk froth with soy milk and almond milk and it also turned out perfectly.

The mister and I absolutely love to celebrate our coffee breaks and with the Citiz & Milk by De’Longhi this has been raised to a total new level.IMG_2598  IMG_2572 IMG_2561 IMG_2558

***in friendly collaboration with De’Longhi 


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