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Neon pink sweater

Neon colours are in vogue at the moment and I’m in love with them.I haven’t shown you these photos yet. Actually they were taken a few weeks ago, but I didn’t want to withhold them from you.  CLICK TO SEE MORE…..ZARA PINK SWEATERZARA BLACK PANTSCUSTOMIZED H&M MILITARY JACKETVINTAGE FOX FUR…
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Black Lace Dress

On sunday afternoon I took some pictures of my beloved lace dress that I wanted to show you since I started the blog a few weeks ago. I actually wanted to do this some posts ago when I wore this dress at a soiree, but the photos that were snapped…
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Saturday Evening

On Saturday evening we went out for dinner and on the way to the restaurant I took some pictures for you. It was the first evening with temperatures over zero degrees, so I decided to wear some open high heels. Actually I had to learn that it was still quite cold…
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My Sister’s Birthday

A few days ago we celebrated my sister’s 20th Birthday! We had a family lunch in the countryside, which was very delicious and in the afternoon we had a little celebration within the family circle with birthday-cake and coffee at home . I really love quality time spent within the…
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Sunday at the lake

Last Sunday my boyfriend and I decided to go for an amble at the beautiful nearby lake Wörthersee. It was such a mystical atmosphere there as the lake is still frozen over and it was just before sunset. As we went for a walk I wasn’t wearing any stylish shoes…
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