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New York Day 1

Our real first day in New York (Manhattan) was last Thursday, as we spent the first few days in Long Island where we also visited an NHL-game of the New York Islanders vs. Philadelphia Flyers. We meticulously planed our Trip to NYC and so we spent our first day mainly in…
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New York preview

I’m back home from New York now and I really miss this amazing city already. This trip was one of the most interesting, wonderful and definitely one of my most exhausting trips ever. I fell in love with this fantastic, colorful dreamlike and fashionable city (that definitely never sleeps) at…
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Yesterday I wore my “The New Yorker T-Shirt” for the first time. I found this lovely tee at the Zara Sale a few weeks ago and yesterday I decided to wear it in a very comfortable combination. Leather pants, flats and T-Shirts are a really comfy and perfect match :DZARA…
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That’s so me

I just found some pictures that I really want to show you. A mix of pictures of me and my life ! On Wednesday morning we are going to leave for NYC, I’m so excited :)My love and I My sister (1 year old) and I (3 years old)  Last summer starting…
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Holiday memories

Next Wednesday I’m going to leave for “the city that never sleeps” – New York. I’m so excited as I haven’t been there before and at the moment I’m busily planning our trip. All that makes me think and daydream about one of my last trips, a cruise last fall.…
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Colourful Sunday

My weekend was perfect and very relaxing. On Saturday I went shopping with my mum and my sister and on Sunday I had a delicious brunch with my boyfriend. Of course I included my nearly daily sports programme into my weekend to make it a really perfect one. On Sunday I…
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