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The weather changed over here again , it is quite cold outside, so I decided to wear some colourful pants in combination with a casual parka and a printed t-shirt. I love the butterfly print on the shirt.Have a good weekend!  I was wearing:ZARA PANTS ZARA BUTTERFLY T-SHIRT (ss colection…
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Crème D’asperges

Crème D’asperges Ingredients*500g green or white asparagus *1 large onion, chopped*2 chicken stock cubes*2tbsp olive oil *fresh lemon juice of 1/2 lemon *1/2 l water*salt and pepper*Cremfine or fat-reduced Crème fraîche Skin the asparagus stalks (white asparagus), you don’t need to skin the green asparagus stalks – only chop of the lower…
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